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PSiO Eyes-Open, All Color Light and Sound Mind Machine
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The PSiO Mind Booster Light & Sound Mind Machine (AVE/AVS)


psio light and sound mind machine color strip glasses biofeedback avs ave


The PSiO is unique from all of the other systems on the market by being completely self-contained in the glasses.It is completely cable free!  Everything normally found in the ‘console’ is accessible through an LED screen on its side.

The PSiO glasses provide superb illumination for both closed and open-eye sessions.  The PSiO produces what we consider to be the most fantastic open-eyed visuals on the market.  The colors are crisp and brilliant.

psio packaging light and sound mind machine color strip glasses biofeedback avs ave

The sessions programmed into the PSiO generally last from 5 to 60 minutes and leave you feeling renewed, refreshed and energized. Is uses MP3 files to play synchronized light and sound stimulation/entrainment sessions. A large selection of other sessions can be found for purchase at


Programs included on the PSiO:

By Music and Colors

  • Je nous aime
  • Carmenita
  • Survival

By beats and colors

  • Sieste 2 (Energy Source - 16 Minutes)
  • Crea 2 (Eureka - 30 Minutes)
  • Sleep 2 (Hypno-Sleep - 30 Minutes)
  • Memo 2 (Memory-Booster - 29 Minutes)
  • Relax 2 (Anti-Stress - 40 Minutes)
  • Integration 2 (Data-Processing - 40 Minutes)
  • Focus 2 (Focus Attention - 30 Mins)

By voice, music and colors

  • Joy of Live (In English, French or Spanish)


psio model light and sound mind machine color strip glasses biofeedback avs ave

By Beats and Colors

Creativity 1: You want to create, imagine, rethink, shape your own reality. Use this program without moderation to induce idea associations, creative visualizations, intellectual constructs, creations, original thoughts, and any number of gifts of the mind generated by this unsettling and powerful program calibrated on high "alpha" rhythms.

Creativity 2 (Eureka): This program is based on "techno" music rhythms, auditory and visual stimulation, and a mix of ALPHA and BETA waves. It promotes the association of ideas and stimulates project visualization. You will feel detached from the world without reducing your level of alertness or the energy needed for creative dynamics.

Energy Source (Siesta): This program is in Acid Jazz style and will take you toward ALPHA waves. It will relax you quickly without altering your decision-making abilities or putting you to sleep. This program begins with a high stimulation level so it’s recommended for use only when you are experiencing intense stress and want to remain alert. It is particularly appropriate when you don’t have much time ahead of you.

By Voice, Music and Colors

Joy of Live: A running river cleanses the impurities from your memories. Pleasant memories and beautiful dreams from your childhood bump into each other. Two stories take you to the country of light where "negative vibes are cleansed". This recording brings deep relaxation and a moment of intense happiness. It helps you open up to your potential for change and prepares the subconscious to live life positively. It provides a radical key to react constructively to depression.


The technology is somewhat different, depending on the area of application:

  • Balance (sound beats, color beats, binaural beats, music, voice & multi-evocations)
  • Wellness (sound beats, color beats, music, single voices)
  • Performance (sound beats, color beats, sound or music track)
  • Entertainment/Music (music, sound beats, color beats)

    The protocols of the sound and light stimulation sessions have been carefully developed, using a new type of electroencephalogram: the neo-EEG created by the renowned Belgian neurologist Professor Sorel
    This is what makes the PSiO Mind Booster 1.1 programs extremely unique and very original.


Included with the PSiO:

  • Glasses/Fully Integrated Headset
  • 2 Ear Buds
  • Universal Transformer
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start Manual
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Pre-loaded audio tutorial in English, French and Spanish


Color model: 2-bits per channel, giving bright and half right for 3 primary (RGB) plus 3 secondary (CMY) colors, giving 12 colors in all.