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Mind Modulations has something new coming in from Germany:

laxman mind machine light and sound biofeedback  

This is the Laxman. It is the next generation of light and sound machines and is guaranteed to amaze you.

This is an eyes-open device that projects every color in the light spectrum through ganzfeld goggles. The Laxman's (Laxmen?) audio consists of impulse frequencies, binaural beats, hemicircle sounds and professionally produced music arrangements. It allows you to embed any audio that you have into customs sessions and even doubles as a traditional MP3 player. There's a mini-SD card slot in the back to use if you need extra space.


NextGen technology capable of producing the most profoundly amazing experiences you’ve ever had with a mind machine

Upload your own music tracks to the Laxman for neurologically effective visual structures that match your favorite songs

A synergy between the ganzfeld field effect and the all-color open-eye goggles. This is another dimension of entrainment.

Fully functional MP3 Player

SD Card memory expansion slot for sessions and music

Intuitive menu control on LCD screen

Four hours of exclusive ambient music and sounds

LaxEdit Software makes creating and editing sessions simple and fun

22 pre-installed 20 minute sessions organized by beta, alpha, theta, & delta

USB interface for easy connectivity

mind modulations laxman light and sound mind machine 

We're expecting them to arrive within two weeks. You can pre-order the Laxman now on our web site:

More to come...
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