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Hungarian researchers are using GSR Biofeedback in a new study using video games.

Laszlo Laufer and Bottyan Nemeth from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics
are using GSR Biofeedback (Galvonic Skin Response, or skin conductance) in a study where they've shown
that a gamer's actions can be predicted up to two seconds before they occur.


Laufer says "There are quite a few situations in life where there would be a need to provide a support for making a good decision
at a good time. I have military applications (pilots) in mind, but surely we can find others as well." He also sees it being used in
video games "Another application I have in mind could be called a frustration game" This type of game could detect when a player
was going to act and change gameplay to throw off the player. This type of technology could be integrated into game controlers

This type of technology (GSR Biofeedback) should be used in more video games, but I'm not too sure that it would be very
successful if used in a manner that would frustrate game players! It could definitely be used to help speed up a person's reaction
time while playing a game.

The game used for the research project is called YetiSports JungleSwing and can be found here at YetiSports.org

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5:15am April 19-5:00 GMT