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Emotiv's EPOC, NeuroSky's ThinkGear, and OCZ's NIA

emotiv epoc

The Epoc from Emotiv

Release Date: Summer 2009
Number of Electrodes: 16
Electrode Type: Pure Neural Signals / EEG
Movements: Head Rotation through two-axis gyros
Estimated Cost: $299
SDK Available? YES




neurosky thinkgear

The ThinkGear from NeuroSky

Release Date: Will be released OEM only from 3rd party software/game developers
Number of Electrodes: 1
Electrode Type: Pure Neural Signals / EEG
Estimated Cost: Available only to companies developing games or software.
SDK Available? YES




ocz nia

The NIA from OCZ

Release Date: May 2008
Number of Electrodes: 3 (Front)
Electrode Type: Uses Biopotentials from forehead. Mixture of muscle, skin & nerve activity (sympathetic and parasympathetic)
Movements: Multiple mapped profiles
Estimated Cost: $160
SDK Available? NO


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