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Excellent new study on Mind Machines / Brainwave Entrainment

A systematic review and analysis of 20 of the major studies done on Brainwave Entrainment. The effect of photic stimulation (Mind Machines) on cognition, stress & anxiety, pain, headaches & migraines, mood, and PMS are are all discussed.

Below you'll find a link to the entire article and a conclusion extract. One of the authors of the study, Christine Charyton, PhD, is an employee of Transparent Corporation.

Hack Your Brain

I found the below images while reading the Boston Globe.  (Boston Globe?!)

These are great little examples of how you can trick your senses into perceiving things that you know are not real.  The experiences produced by the experiments are something much like hallucinations.


Try them out for yourself! 


The Ganzfeld Procedure

 The Ganzfeld Procedure

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