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MindMods-Light & Sound Mind (AVS/AVE) Machines, Biofeedback, NeuroTech - MindMods
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  • PSiO - All-Color, Open-Eye
    No console and no tangled wires! Buy Now

  • Laxman - All-Color, Open-Eye
    Light and Sound Mind Machine Buy Now

  • MindMods specializes in entrainment and feedback neurotechnologies. We carry only the best Biofeedback & Light and Sound (AVS/AVE) Mind Machine systems available and personally support every one of our products.

    MindMods offers unsurpassed customer support on everything we sell. All products come with personal one-on-one care and support.

    We invite you to explore our light and sound mind machine and neurofeedback/biofeedback technology! All orders include Free Priority Shipping to anywhere in the USA.

  • Brainwaves shift and follow specific patterns as they are perceived. Our Light & Sound Mind Machines alter your brainwave patterns by stimulating your senses with beautiful patterns of light and sound.

    Brainwave Frequences are linked directly to mind state and mood. When our machines entrain your brainwaves into the states where meditation, dreaming, or concentration take place, you experience - and feel it!

    …and all while extraordinary kaleidoscopic patterns of color and geometry unfold before your eyes. You’ll love it!

  • Biofeedback Technology

    Biofeedback teaches you to alter your brain activity, heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension and more by allowing you to see, hear or feel them through technology. What you learn during a biofeedback session stays with you after a session. The knowledge you gain becomes second nature with multiple sessions and can help you get into new positive habits that last a lifetime!